This box is your loyal healthcare bestie!

Giving you access to your personal medical team and also some extra goodies...
Illustration - Nabla

In this unique Nabla box you will find

  • Your VIP Nabla card which gives you access to a free 3-month subscription on the app (£̶2̶0̶,̶9̶7̶)
  • Another VIP Nabla card to give as a gift to someone you love (£̶2̶0̶,̶9̶7̶)
  • CBD tampons with a cute custom sanitary bag (£̶6̶)
  • A candle in the shape of a woman’s figure (£̶6̶)
  • A rose-quartz gua sha (£̶1̶5̶)
£24,90Box content

The Nabla card

The VIP card gives you access to the Nabla app which allows you to have on-demand consultations with caring doctors, anonymously. The doctors are all waiting for you to send them a text so they can answer your questions, offer help or give you prescriptions!
Nabla card

The app

Chat on demand to our top doctors, get prescriptions as required and take part in our unique programs for a healthier and happier you!
Illustration - Nabla
Illustration - Nabla