My personal data

  • Does Nabla pass my personal data on to third parties?
    Nabla only transmits your personal data to healthcare professionals who respond to you as part of the online consultation service and in strict compliance with medical confidentiality. With your prior consent, Nabla may also share your data with your GP. Nabla does not use any of your data for commercial purposes.
  • Who can access my personal data?
    Only healthcare professionals who answer your questions can access your personal healthcare data. You have control over your personal data and at any point, can exercise your rights, in particular the right to erase all your personal data, in application of the DPA 2018 regulations. Some Nabla employees may also, as part of a quality approach and for the purpose of improving the services, have access, under conditions which respect the strict anonymity of users, to discussions initiated within the framework of the online consultation service.
  • What happens to my personal data if I unsubscribe from the app?
    Personal data is only kept for the duration of the effective use of the app. Beyond that, they are archived (and therefore inaccessible for both you and Nabla) for a period of 10 years, in particular for legal reasons. After archiving, only non-identifying statistical data is kept.
  • What personal data do I need to provide to Nabla to use the app?
    Concerned about respecting your personal data, Nabla reduces the personal data to be provided to access its services. You can access the app by providing only your mobile phone number, your pseudonym (you are not required to give both your first and last name, and you can therefore remain anonymous), your email address and your date of birth.
  • Where are my personal data stored?
    The personal data of the users is stored on the servers of a cloud service provider meeting the standards published by NHS Digital in the Data Security and Protection Toolkit. The compliance to these very high standards is verified by independent third parties.
  • Are the discussions with the health care professionals secured?
    Our mobile application meets the highest security standard and your chat consultation with the health care professionals are fully secured. All your data and chat consultations are hosted by a cloud service provider meeting the standard published by NHS Digital.