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A personal care team for everyone

We are building a preventive, continuous and personalized healthcare platform that is made affordable and scalable by machine learning.

Redefining primary care

Healthcare systems around the world are under unprecedented pressure. We believe that the right combination of healthcare professionals and artificial intelligence can bring back the beloved patient-centric care once offered by family physicians. It also paves the way towards precision medicine.

Our team

We are an international team with strong expertise in technology and healthcare systems in North America and Europe. We are a unique association of

  • Physicians at the forefront of practice transformation and AI-augmented care
  • Engineers who have scaled high-touch processes with machine learning at Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft
  • Operations leaders with experience at top insurance, consulting, financial services firms and government organizations
Meet the team


Thought leaders in healthcare and AI

Megan Mahoney, MD
  • Chief of Primary Care & Clinical Professor @Stanford University
  • Chief of Staff @Stanford Healthcare
Yann LeCun
  • Chief AI Scientist @Facebook
  • Recipient of Turing Award
  • Godfather of modern AI


If you are passionate about transforming healthcare, this is a great time to join us in Paris or London!

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A personal care team for everyone

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