Medical records (EHR)

The API-first medical record system.

Designed to provide better patient outcomes

  • Patients medical records management
  • Smart medical notes
  • Prescriptions generation
  • Integrations with billing and pharmacy delivery services (coming soon)
  • Task management system for follow-up
Designed to provide better patient outcomes

Leverage all of your data from day 1

  • Data accessible & feedable through Nabla’s API
  • Off-the-shelf data extraction and structuration from messaging and video

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  • Medical records fed with questionnaires answers
  • Patient population analytics
  • FHIR-compatible & ICD10 formats
  • Structured datasets for advanced research
  • Off-the-shelf integration with messaging and video
Leverage all of your data from day 1


  • Patient-side open source SDK for web, iOS, Android, React Native and JS
  • Accessible through the full SDK, just the core SDK without UI, or the raw API
  • Notifications and complete set of webhooks
  • Fully extensible
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Secure and compliant

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