Empower people and businesses with machine intelligence_

We turn cutting-edge machine learning research into revolutionary products for your business — disruptions that could not be imagined two years ago.

About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs with a track record of turning AI into real-world applications. Prior to Nabla, we were part of Facebook AI Research and founded the AI developer platform Wit.ai.

We are supported by a network of scientific advisors led by Yann LeCun (Facebook) and Moustapha Cissé (Google). They help us track the latest publications and their potential applications to businesses.


Artificial intelligence research is accelerating. Our lab builds upon the most promising research to push the frontiers of technology and science. Deep expertise, continuous experimentation and ambitious ideas help us shape the future of our products.

Back-end Developer


Whether you are a front-end or back-end software developer, a research scientist interested in real-world impact, or just a human being passionate about transforming organisations with AI, this is a great time to join our team in Paris!