About us

We are an international team with strong expertise in technology and healthcare systems in North America and Europe.

We are a unique association of physicians at the forefront of practice transformation and AI-augmented care, engineers who have scaled high-touch processes with machine learning at Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, and operations leaders with experience at top insurance, consulting and financial services firms.

  • Alexandre Lebrun
    Cofounder & CEO
  • Delphine Groll
    Cofounder & COO
  • Martin Raison
    Cofounder & CTO
  • Guillemette Picard
    Chief Health Officer
  • Laurent Landowski
    Chief Product Officer
  • Anne-Laure Rousseau, MD
    Medical Director
  • Pierre Leroy
    Director of Engineering
  • Mariama Bah, MD
    General Practitioner
  • Cijo Jose
    Research Scientist
  • Maëlle Breton
    Office Manager
  • Tomás Yany Anich
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Jacopo Notarstefano
    Software Engineer
  • Théo Matussière
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Alexandre Momeni
    Product Strategy & Medical Operations Manager
  • Amélie Danaradjou
    Care Coordinator
  • Kevin Riera
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Marianne De Vriendt
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Arnaud Barré
    Software Engineer
  • Géraldine Delorme, MD
    Physician Consultant
  • Arthur Lacoste
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Clément Baudelaire
    Product Strategy & Medical Operations Manager
  • Anna Logacheva
    Right-hand to the founders
  • Thomas Wang
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Samuel Humeau
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Maxime Lewandowski
    Software Engineer
  • Ruben Stern
    Software Engineer
  • Benoit Letondor
    Software Engineer


Thought leaders in healthcare and AI

Megan Mahoney, MD
  • Chief of Primary Care & Clinical Professor @Stanford University
  • Chief of Staff @Stanford Healthcare
Yann LeCun
  • Chief AI Scientist @Facebook
  • Recipient of Turing Award
  • Godfather of modern AI
Moustapha Cissé
  • Head of @Google AI in Africa
  • Scientist @Facebook AI Research
  • PhD in deep learning

A personal care team for everyone

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