Our team

We are an international team with strong expertise in technology and healthcare systems in North America and Europe.

We are a unique association of physicians at the forefront of practice transformation and AI-augmented care, engineers who have scaled high-touch processes with machine learning at Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft, and operations leaders with experience at top insurance, consulting, financial services firms and government organizations.

The doctors and health specialists on Nabla

  • Marie-Laure Bry, MD
    Marie-Laure Bry, MD
    General practitioner
  • Karima Amazzough, MD
    Karima Amazzough, MD
    General practitioner
  • Anne-Laure Rousseau, MD
    Anne-Laure Rousseau, MD
    Cardio-vascular doctor
  • Laëtitia Willerval
    Laëtitia Willerval
    Dietitian nutritionist
  • Mariama Bah, MD
    Mariama Bah, MD
    Emergency doctor
  • Sébastien Talabardon
    Sébastien Talabardon
  • Amélie Danaradjou
    Amélie Danaradjou
  • Jean-Pierre Leroy, MD
    Jean-Pierre Leroy, MD
    General practitioner
  • Isabelle Keddou
    Isabelle Keddou

The Nabla team

  • Alexandre Lebrun
    Alexandre Lebrun
    Cofounder & CEO
  • Delphine Groll
    Delphine Groll
    Cofounder & COO
  • Martin Raison
    Martin Raison
    Cofounder & CTO
  • Anne-Laure Rousseau, MD
    Anne-Laure Rousseau, MD
    Medical Director
  • Laurent Landowski
    Laurent Landowski
    Chief Product Officer
  • Guillemette Picard
    Guillemette Picard
    Chief Health Officer
  • Pierre Leroy
    Pierre Leroy
    Director of Engineering
  • Cijo Jose
    Cijo Jose
    Research Scientist
  • Maëlle Breton
    Maëlle Breton
    Office Manager
  • Tomás Yany Anich
    Tomás Yany Anich
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Jacopo Notarstefano
    Jacopo Notarstefano
    Software Engineer
  • Théo Matussière
    Théo Matussière
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Alexandre Momeni
    Alexandre Momeni
    Product Strategy & Operations Manager
  • Kevin Riera
    Kevin Riera
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Marianne De Vriendt
    Marianne De Vriendt
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Arnaud Barré
    Arnaud Barré
    Software Engineer
  • Géraldine Delorme, MD
    Géraldine Delorme, MD
    Physician Consultant
  • Arthur Lacoste
    Arthur Lacoste
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Clément Baudelaire
    Clément Baudelaire
    Product Strategy & Operations Manager
  • Anna Logacheva
    Anna Logacheva
    Content and User Strategist
  • Thomas Wang
    Thomas Wang
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Samuel Humeau
    Samuel Humeau
    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Maxime Lewandowski
    Maxime Lewandowski
    Software Engineer
  • Ruben Stern
    Ruben Stern
    Software Engineer
  • Benoit Letondor
    Benoit Letondor
    Software Engineer
  • Barbara Vogel
    Barbara Vogel
    Product Manager
  • Paul Genouville
    Paul Genouville
    Product Manager
  • Nathanaël Romano
    Nathanaël Romano
    Software Engineer
  • Eric Bezard
    Eric Bezard
    CFO part-time
  • Aurélia Bortone-Bouvet
    Aurélia Bortone-Bouvet
    Right-hand to the founders


Thought leaders in healthcare and AI

Yann LeCun
  • Chief AI Scientist @Facebook
  • Recipient of Turing Award
  • Godfather of modern AI
Megan Mahoney MD
  • Chief of Primary Care & Clinical Professor @Stanford University
  • Chief of Staff @Stanford Healthcare
Moustapha Cissé
  • Head of @Google AI in Africa
  • Scientist @Facebook AI Research
  • PhD in deep learning

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