Announcing Our $24M Series B Funding Round

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Alexandre Lebrun

Alexandre Lebrun

Cofounder & CEO

We are thrilled to announce we’ve raised $24M in Series B funding, led by the fabulous folks at Cathay Innovation and Zebox.

Fresh off the launch of Nabla Copilot just this past March, this is a major milestone for our company, and a signal to the market that AI is truly capable of helping solve the major challenges healthcare systems face everywhere in the world.

We are on a mission. Picture this: happy and stress-free clinicians focusing on patients while Nabla’s AI is working at their side, tackling the tasks they decide to delegate.

We did not craft Nabla Copilot in a secret lair with mad scientists (although we do have a few). No, we teamed up with a league of extraordinary physicians — users, advisors, and critics alike — who have been the driving force behind Copilot from the very beginning three years ago.

Now 20,000 clinicians in the US and worldwide are thanking them everyday. Copilot is closely integrated with major EHRs like Epic and Nextgen and already handles more than 3 million encounters per year in 3 languages.

The support of investors will allow us to accelerate our rollout into the US market and continue to expand our work.

Shout-out to our stellar team who’ve put in more sweat and resilience than we thought humanly possible to reach this milestone.

And to our customers: thanks for trusting Nabla to make the lives of clinicians and patients better. We can’t wait to continue this journey with you!

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