Back-End Engineer

At Nabla, we are building preventive, continuous and personalized primary healthcare that is made affordable and scalable by machine learning.

Our ambition is to transform healthcare by building trustworthy products that are designed for both people and healthcare professionals.

Our journey has just started… Come join us!

As a Back-End Engineer, you will be working on building and expanding resilient production grade applications and web services with a team that built large-scale production systems at Facebook, Google, Apple and Microsoft.

This position is full-time and based in Paris. We encourage remote work (1 to 2 weeks from time to time).

Your DNA

  • You have 3+ years of industry experience in back-end engineering
  • You’re proficient in one or more widely used languages (Python, C++, Java, etc)
  • You know how to deploy & scale production systems (containers, networking, databases, monitoring, etc)
  • You are enthusiastic about newer languages (Rust! Elixir! Clojure!) and technologies (Docker! Kubernetes!) but you’re aware of the trade-offs that come with using them
  • You learn one new tool every day
  • You’ve dabbled with Pytorch/Keras/Tensorflow and would love to know more
  • You get your news from Hacker News
  • You automate your life with shell scripts
  • Writing tests & cleaning up the codebase is your way to procrastinate

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