Software Engineer - Machine Learning

Healthcare systems around the world are collapsing. Staffing shortages and excessive administrative burden have resulted in 1 in 4 clinicians wanting to leave the workforce, with a projected shortfall of 18 million practitioners expected by 2030. This situation has led to a significant decline in the quality of doctor-patient relationships.

Nabla’s mission is to repair this relationship by building AI technology that will give physicians their most valuable resource back: their time.

To that end, we are building Nabla Copilot whose goal is to automate administrative tasks so that clinicians can focus on their patients and the quality of care.

Nabla has raised €17M in funding in Series A. Its HQ is based in the heart of Paris.

As a software engineer specialized in machine learning, you will leverage the latest advances in machine learning to build the "Copilot" of healthcare. You will be deeply involved in the ML roadmap, from definition to delivery. Within a team of experts who built large-scale production systems at Facebook, Google or Microsoft, you will:

  • propose experiments, model architectures & data labeling strategies to improve our speech to text, note generation and normalization systems.
  • implement them and train models
  • roll them out on our platform by working closely with product teams
  • measure their performance in the real world to improve them over time

This position is full-time and based in Paris.

Your DNA

  • You have strong foundations in machine learning
  • You’ve trained neural networks for real-world use cases
  • You write clean Python code
  • You communicate clearly in English
  • Broader software engineering experience (infrastructure, front-end, etc) is a plus

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