Machine Learning Intern

At Nabla, we believe everyone should have access to high quality healthcare, whenever they need it. And they shouldn't wait for symptoms to get worse before asking.

So we're building an asynchronous healthcare platform that is made affordable and scalable by machine learning.

Come join us! We're just getting started.

As a Machine Learning intern, you will be working on automatically extracting structured facts from medical discussions between doctors and patients. Our existing system runs several ML-driven tasks sequentially. The internship will be focused on newer end-to-end methods, to evaluate the replacement of this ML pipeline with a single model. On one hand, you will assess the possibility of improving the performance using an end-to-end method. On the other hand, you will prepare such a system so that it can be deployed in production.

This position is full-time and based in Paris. We encourage remote work (1 to 2 weeks from time to time).

Your DNA

  • You have a good machine learning background
  • You can design, reuse, adapt, train and test neural networks
  • You want to deploy models in real products & on various platforms (server, mobile, etc)
  • You’re passionate about applying cutting-edge research in the real world
  • You don’t use a neural net if a logistic regression will do
  • Data preprocessing & labeling is your true and only passion
  • You get your news from arXiv
  • You heat your home with GPUs (or just use Colab)

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