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About us

Why Nabla?

The idea of Nabla was born at Facebook AI Research, where Alexandre, Martin, Moustapha and Cijo worked together under Yann LeCun’s leadership. In this unique position where we were both immersed in the latest AI research and in contact with many businesses (Facebook’s partners and customers), we realized the gap between AI research and real-word applications and decided we wanted to bridge it.

«Génial le nom !»

Yann LeCun, when we found the name


  • Yann LeCun
    Scientific Advisor & Investor

    Yann LeCun

    Godfather of deep learning
    Chief AI Officer @Facebook

  • Moustapha Cissé
    Scientific Advisor

    Moustapha Cissé

    Head of @Google AI in Africa
    Scientist @Facebook AI Research
    PhD in deep learning


We were raised in France, India & Senegal. We worked in many countries including US, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Switzerland, UK and France. We’ve experienced entrepreneurial, corporate and institutional environments. We take pride in cultivating our passions and believe diversity of cultures and experiences makes the strongest teams.

  • Alexandre Lebrun
    Cofounder & CEO

    Alexandre Lebrun

    Head of Engineering @Facebook AI Research
    CEO @Wit.ai (acquired by FB), VirtuOz (Nuance)
    X – Telecom

  • Delphine Groll
    Cofounder & COO

    Delphine Groll

    Head of Business Dev and Comms @aufeminin @MyLittleParis
    Founder of Gretel
    IEP – Ens Ulm

  • Martin Raison
    Cofounder & CTO

    Martin Raison

    Engineer @Facebook AI Research
    X – Stanford

  • Guillemette Picard
    Chief Customer Officer

    Guillemette Picard

    Head of AI @Allianz
    @Engie @Schlumberger
    X – PhD in Statistical Physics

  • Pierre Leroy
    Director of Engineering

    Pierre Leroy

    Software Engineer Lead @Microsoft

    Director of Engineering @VirtuOz

    Telecom Paris

  • Laurent Landowski
    Chief Product Officer

    Laurent Landowski

    PM Lead @Facebook (Wit.ai & M)
    Cofounder @Wit.ai (acquired by FB)
    VirtuOz (Nuance)

  • Cijo Jose
    Research Scientist

    Cijo Jose

    Researcher @Facebook AI Research @Microsoft @Idiap
    PhD in Deep Learning @EPFL

  • Maëlle Breton
    Office Manager

    Maëlle Breton

    Fondatrice @BAM

  • Tomás Yany Anich
    Machine Learning Engineer

    Tomás Yany Anich

    Deep Learning Researcher @ Apple

  • Patricia Rozé
    Customer Success Consultant

    Patricia Rozé

    HEC – Berkeley

  • Jacopo Notarstefano
    Software Engineer

    Jacopo Notarstefano

    Junior Fellow @CERN
    University of Pisa

  • Anaïs Enrico
    Customer Success Consultant

    Anaïs Enrico

    ESSEC Business School

  • Théo Matussière
    Machine Learning Engineer

    Théo Matussière

    Facebook AI Research
    Université de Montréal
    X – MVA – UPMC

  • Bettina Leblanc
    Customer Success Consultant

    Bettina Leblanc

    HEC – University of Texas at Austin

  • Alexandre Momeni
    AI Solutions Strategist

    Alexandre Momeni

    Visiting Research Fellow @Stanford
    Analyst @Goldman Sachs
    X/HEC – London School of Economics

  • Kevin Riera
    Machine Learning Engineer

    Kevin Riera

    Columbia University
    X – MVA

  • Arnaud Barré
    Software Engineer

    Arnaud Barré

    IMT Atlantique

  • Arthur Lacoste
    Machine Learning Engineer

    Arthur Lacoste

    X – Stanford

  • Arnaud Babol
    Software Engineer

    Arnaud Babol

    Growth @Shine
    Hacker @eFounders

  • Clément Baudelaire
    AI Solutions Engineer

    Clément Baudelaire

    X – National University of Singapore

  • Arnaud Ollier
    Right-hand to the founders

    Arnaud Ollier

    Accor – Nova Consulting

  • Thomas Wang
    Machine Learning Intern

    Thomas Wang

    X – MVA

  • Samuel Humeau
    Machine Learning Engineer

    Samuel Humeau

    Facebook AI Research
    X – EPFL