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To know more about the benefits of ambient AI for clinicians, check out this new study in the NEJM
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Miga Health
Sioux Center Health
Bayou City Breastfeeding
Mankato Clinic
Vida Health
Arya Health
Sana Benefits
Circle Health
Hurley Group
Frontier Psychiatry
Ramsay Santé
Less administrative burden. More time with patients.

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  • Instant clinical notes from any patient encounter
  • Less paperwork and reduced burn-out
  • Increased efficiency for a better work-life balance
Stop spending 40% of your day documenting, you’ve got better things to do

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  • Generates a note in less than 20 seconds
  • Extracts medical codes (ICD-10)
  • Automatically creates referral letters
  • Retains the clinical truth of every encounter
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  • Integrates with EHRs to capture everything, effortlessly: Epic, Oracle Cerner, Athena, NextGen, Elation, Opus...
  • Ready to use without any installation
  • Works for both in-person and video encounters
Integrated with EHRs

We don't store any data

  • Audio, transcripts, and notes are not stored
  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant
  • SOC 2 Type 2 and ISO 27001 certified
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What our users say
Rated 4.9/5 by our users on and the Chrome web store
Dr. Aniket Shukla
Dr. Aniket ShuklaPsychiatry
This was my first ever trial of using AI and I am mesmerised with the accuracy, precision of this software even though I was actually quite vague, disjointed in my conversation.
May 22, 2024
AmyNurse Practitioner
Amazing, I feel more relaxed already!
May 20, 2024
Dr. Ayan Dey
Dr. Ayan DeyPsychiatry
Excellent scribe. I love the live transcript which is super helpful. It is very easy to use and get started. Very practical. Team is responsive to feedback. I have tried several of these AI scribes and I am most impressed with this one so far for everyday use.
May 14, 2024
Dr. Raghu Kasetty
Dr. Raghu KasettyBoard-certified Adult & Pediatric Sleep Physician
Greatest AI transcribe program I have ever used. Easy and convenient. The note is succinct and cleverly removes the non-medical conversation. Having used it for a while, I cannot do my medical practice without Nabla!
May 10, 2024
Dr. Alex Davidson
Dr. Alex DavidsonInternal Medicine
Absolutely exceptional!
Apr 25, 2024
Dr. Romero
Dr. RomeroBoard Certified Family Medicine, Geriatrics, Home Care
Most accurate scribe, very thorough and grammatically pleasing to read and understand. Great writing, I'm astonished at how well this works! Perfect for insurance adjusters and auditors.
Apr 25, 2024
Dr. Eric Carter
Dr. Eric CarterCardiologist
Unbelievable! Much better and faster than I could ever do.
Apr 24, 2024
Dr. Nathan Bell
Dr. Nathan BellPsychiatry, CMO of Frontier Psychiatry
Love how succinct it is, accurate, and inclusive of just the right details
Apr 23, 2024
Dr. Ryan Smith
Dr. Ryan SmithAge Management Physician
Wow! So impressed!
Apr 17, 2024
Dr. Marc Bouchard
Dr. Marc BouchardPsychiatrist
The AI was able to differentiate multiple voices and intuit the concerns that the family had as opposed to attributing them to the patient. The assessment and plan were sufficiently detailed and accurate. I am very impressed with the product.
Apr 17, 2024
Dr. Sheila Paul, DO
Dr. Sheila Paul, DOChild Psychiatrist
That was amazing! This is what I need - where was this when I was interviewing patients for my oral boards?
Apr 11, 2024
Melinda Truesdell
Melinda TruesdellPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Nabla has changed my practice and brought joy back into outpatient psychiatric care for me.
Apr 9, 2024
Dr. Roy Gondo
Dr. Roy GondoFamily Medicine
That is quite impressive! I’m almost convinced that this is gonna replace me in my position but nevertheless I’ll be enjoying this until that day comes. Thank you!
Mar 29, 2024
Dr. Adam Borecky
Dr. Adam BoreckyPsychiatrist
Nabla has been game-changing for my practice. Thank you.
Mar 28, 2024
Dr. Marwa Elamin PhD
Dr. Marwa Elamin PhDConsultant Neurologist
Absolutely superb. Accurate. I did not have to correct anything even though I speak fast and have an accent. The information was organised in an even better way than I would have organised it myself. 10/10 so far.
Mar 18, 2024
Dr. Julie Marshall
Dr. Julie MarshallPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
I appreciate how it breaks things into sections and picks up on everything, even some things that I had missed typing or didn't catch completely. Adding the follow-up appointment, prescription, and plan is wonderful. Overall, I am very pleased with how this turned out. It required very little editing on my part, and for the first time in many months, I was able to complete a new patient evaluation, documentation and all, on the same day.
Feb 27, 2024
Dr. Bradley Palmer
Dr. Bradley PalmerInternal Medicine Physician
So easy and simple. Love it!
Feb 12, 2024
Dr. Andrey Shalomov
Dr. Andrey ShalomovPediatric Psychiatrist
I tried the extension and was in the 9th cloud from happiness and excitement. This app is a life changer. I am absolutely blown away and amazed beyond words.
Feb 10, 2024
Monica White
Monica WhitePelvic Physical Therapist, PT, DPT, PRCP
This is amazing. I love this!
Feb 1, 2024
Dr. Nina Jaroslaw
Dr. Nina JaroslawPsychoanalyst
I'm a psychoanalyst in New York City, and I've found Nabla to be enormously useful for the purposes of generating both verbatim transcriptions, and exceptionally robust clinical notes. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am both with the application and the team behind it.
Jan 24, 2024
David Brandsrud
David BrandsrudPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Keep up the great work! Loving all of the updates! This AI has really changed the way I work and get free time with my family. I’m telling everyone I know in psychiatry about Nabla.
Jan 15, 2024
Dr. Adam Philps
Dr. Adam PhilpsPodiatrist
My sincere thanks for what you have done for me, my patients and my practice. Your AI has freed me up to concentrate on patient facing tasks, and has significantly increased my productivity- I see more people, offer them the same level of service (or better), and it has reduced my stress levels.
Jan 12, 2024
Amber Kerby
Amber KerbyPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner
Excellent, exactly what I need!
Jan 11, 2024
Dr. Ann Rutter
Dr. Ann RutterBoard Certified Family Physician
Clear, concise, and thorough!
Jan 5, 2024
Dr. Melissa Bishop
Dr. Melissa BishopFamily Physician
I have really been enjoying using Nabla. Thank you so much for making primary care enjoyable again!
Jan 3, 2024
Dr. Mischa Antin Tursich
Dr. Mischa Antin TursichPsychologist
With Nabla, I am finally getting my weekends back. What took 8-10 hours now takes maybe 3-4 hours. Better yet, because I no longer need to be a scribe, I get to actually be a psychologist and focus on my patient! After only a couple months, I can't imagine my practice without Nabla.
Jan 2, 2024
Dr. Erik Blutinger
Dr. Erik BlutingerEmergency physician
I appreciate the organization and format — it was accurate for my urgent care patient (and helped me recall information when seeing a high volume of patients in the clinic).
Dec 28, 2023
Dr. Jill Sykes
Dr. Jill Sykes
So thorough. I love using Nabla
Dec 18, 2023
Dr Alison Grimston
Dr Alison Grimston
blown away by how Nabla created notes on this difficult patient with dementia.
Dec 20, 2023
Dr G. McQuinlan
Dr G. McQuinlan
Requires minimal editing - really enjoying the Nabla
Dec 11, 2023
Dr Grover Sanj
Dr Grover Sanj
i love your software, it has helped by working day immensely
Dec 8, 2023
Dr H. Kim
Dr H. Kim
The note is so concise! It is totally different from a word for word dictation - so I am not swimming in words when I look over the previous encounters.
Dec 5, 2023
Brittany Kunza
Brittany KunzaPrimary Care Physician
I feel like Nabla is like my friend - coming along doing visits with me. This sounds strange but I think it is somewhat comforting having Nabla there. Knowing if I need to stop typing and just listen to the person in front of me that decision isn’t going to cost me minutes and hours at the end of the day, taking time away from my family. I think this is a real trade off and decision primary care doctors make regularly. If I spend more time with a patient, try to help them and go above and beyond - that time is probably going to be taken away from sleep and family time. THANK YOU for helping to make this product which I believe will be a game changer for Physicians.
Nov 21, 2023
Nocera Vincent
Nocera VincentPsychiatrist
Your product is amazing and will be a total game changer.
Nov 18, 2023
Amy Owens
Amy OwensPsychiatric Nurse Practitioner
It is clear and succinct and geared towards the mental health application I need it for! Better than other applications out there.
Nov 16, 2023
Dr Katie Shillito
Dr Katie ShillitoGP
I LOVE this. This has transformed my day 😊 Thank you so much for this technology!
Nov 10, 2023
Katherine Mistretta
Katherine MistrettaFamily Nurse Practitioner
This note was perfect! I especially like how it is transcribing the objective without using a lot of sentences that begin with 'patient reports'. I also like how it describes the plan without saying 'the doctor recommends'. This transcription is exactly how I would write it.
Nov 08, 2023
Dr Timothy Wright
Dr Timothy WrightGP
This is really good, thorough - patient was impressed!
Nov 06, 2023
Dr Schieber
Dr SchieberGP
You gals/guys are killing it with some of these notes! I'm not sure how you do it, but the info extraction and note coordination has been fantastic.
Oct 25, 2023
Lisa Wakeman
Lisa WakemanMD
Excellent efficiency, love the flexibility of the options ie. template regeneration, the ability to edit the note and autofill. There are so many options together with exceptional ease of use.
Oct 23, 2023
Steven Dorsey
Steven DorseyPsychatrist
I would like to commend yall! This note generated was truly exceptional during a very difficult session. It has provided valuable session summary and accurately caught all the details.
Oct 19, 2023
Girish Subramanyan
Girish SubramanyanPsychatrist
A truly excellent summary of the patient encounter, with just the perfect amount of detail!
Oct 16, 2023
Maïco Bernal
Maïco Bernal Cardiologist
Very complete note and understood the symptoms very well. I like the way you organize the information with this cardiology template.
Oct 13, 2023
Alison Fawdry
Alison FawdryGP
I've been keenly exploring Nabla, and it's truly remarkable. We've been enthusiastically sharing the 'word,' and nearly half of our team has given it a try.
Oct 4, 2023
Jeffrey K Gin
Jeffrey K GinFamily Medicine Specialist
I appreciate the seamless integration of assessment with the plan. Well done!
Oct 3, 2023
Tom James
Tom JamesGP Director
I've got four users on Nabla, and each one of them have come into my room saying how brilliant it is. I've never had such a positive response about anything ever. We believe the greatest benefit is in making doctors enjoy their work more and spend less time editing notes for referral letters, among other things.
Sept 22, 2023
Dr Zaid Al-Najjar
Dr Zaid Al-NajjarGP and Medical Director
This software has been fabulous and has saved me a lot of time.
Sept 21, 2023
Alison James
Alison JamesGP
Used it all morning and I am so impressed - this enables me to focus on my patient and not to do notes - plus no typing errors
Sept 20, 2023
William Boafo
William BoafoPsychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practicioner
I'm amazed by the sensitivity of the microphone - captures every word!
Sept 20, 2023
Monica Lumpkin
Monica LumpkinFamily Medicine Specialist
This program is the best thing in medicine I've seen in a long time
Sept 19, 2023
Michel Ruderman
Michel RudermanDO, MPH
Wonderful service that Nabla is providing. I am forever grateful!!!
Sept 19, 2023
Karl Cole
Karl ColeGP
It allows me to be the doctor I want to be with patient in control and totally listening to them and providing access to their notes in appropriate language. I used the patient notes today and got a big hug from one of my patients when I went over it all for them. She was amazed. We are under so much time pressure this helps so much.
Sept 19, 2023
Odette Tiomo
Odette TiomoPsychologist
This has been extremely helpful and the notes are getting better most of the time compared to the beginning.
Sept 18, 2023
Jennifer Sokolow
Jennifer SokolowLactaction Consultant
I’m very impressed! I had an unstable connection so I wasn’t sure if the AI was picking up everything, but the note generated was excellent.
Sept 18, 2023
Dr Ketan Bhatt
Dr Ketan BhattGP
I’ve been using Nabla and am blown away. This could really change things in the UK.
Sept 11, 2023
Martin Pamington
Martin PamingtonParamedic
This is a game changer for use in primary care.
Sept 9, 2023
Joanna Knight