We believeprimary careshould be

We believe in personalized care fully tailored using health data and machine intelligence.
We believe in a whole-body approach to healthcare that aims to improve health through the body and mind.
We believe in proactive actions to prevent disease, rather than in reactive care.
We believe in the deep relationship between the family doctor and the patient, based on trust, listening and respect.
We believe in connecting people to their whole health, wherever they are and whenever they need.
Illustration - Nabla
Illustration - Nabla

Human-centric, preventive medicine

The beloved patient-centric care once offered by family physicians has almost disappeared and has been replaced by punctual and curative medicine, to the detriment of preventive care based on mutual trust.
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Enabling the future of primary care

The Nabla platform is powered by the right combination of:
  • Human intelligence: the collaboration of a care team allows doctors to be fully present for their patients.
  • Machine intelligence: our technology helps establish connection, support better diagnosis and get the whole picture of the patient.
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Empathetic technology

We’ve designed technology to establish connection, build relationships and unlock empathy. Machine intelligence gives doctors the time, space and support to collaborate and see the whole person, paving the way toward precision medicine.
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